Convoca is a digital investigative media and data analysist from Peru, winner of the Data Journalism Awards 2016, finalist of the Ibero-American Award Gabriel García Márquez and member of the team winning the Excellence Journalism Award of the InterAmerican Press Association (SIP) 2016 in the category "InterAmerican Relations".





ConBoca:("The Power of Citizens Call") is our first fundraising campaign, which is focused on making our community grow with the contribution of people around the world. We believe in crowdfunding to support fully independent and rigorous investigations. Going deep to investigate power represents large risks and high costs. With Convoca, we’ve decided to engage in that path because we believe that if journalism has any power, it’s when it investigates, and this power is enhanced when citizens are involved.

We believe that many people are needed to put together all the hidden puzzle pieces of information that affect our lives. Starting today, and over 100 days, you can be the voice of this campaign to make changes with a global impact. Join us with the hashtag #ConBoca100mil and discover the benefits of being an ambassador of independent journalism.

How much do you want to donate?

*The donation top per person is up to 1,500 dollars. If you are a citizen or organization that wants to donate above this amount, write us to [email protected] We believe that the transparency in the collection of the funds of this campaign is fundamental.

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100 days to grow the community committed to investigating the power

  • We will expand to 100,000 followers on Facebook so more people can access reports, multimedia feature and high-impact citizens’ apps.
  • We will collect USD $100,000 to expose the networks of the powerful and how they affect people’s lives.

All the contributions are important and meaningful to us. That is why we have created the following benefits:

From US$1 to US$10
  • Three months free shipping of our monthly newsletter with the best investigative journalism from Convoca

From US$11 to US$20
  • Free download of the latest version of the e-books “Amazon Razed” and “Excesses Unpunished”

From US$21 to US$30
  • A scholarship for workshops of Escuela Convoca – School of Investigative Journalism and Data (online and onsite)

  • Monthly newsletter shipping #ABCDatos, a publication with learnings and methodologies of outstanding investigations from Latin America and the world.

  • Discount on books published by Convoca.

US$31 to more
  • Belong to the Council of Convoca Readers*

  • Special guest in lectures, workshops and activities organized by Convoca

  • Access to all the above benefits.

*Members of the Council of Readers maintain direct communication with the Convoca team and may suggest research topics.


The funds we raise in this campaign will allow for a series of investigations into the behavior patterns and power networks in the extractive industries, the social and environmental impacts in the Amazon, political and corporate corruption, access to public services and human rights protection, and the cultural industry.

The spending plan for the moneys raised will be communicated clearly and precisely, along with a list of investigations completed and citizens’ apps that were developed with our readers’ funding. We will publish a regular report listing achievements completed.



A collaborative effort is the essence of Convoca. We are a team of journalists and programmers who work with professionals across different disciplines and generations to expose facts hidden by powerful groups, which affect the lives of citizens. We are committed to working in partnership to publish high-impact findings from Peru, where the Amazon represents nearly 60% of the country, an area rife with oil and mineral exploitation, as well as criminal activities such as logging, illegal mining, and human trafficking. Fifty percent of social conflicts here are centered around natural resource extraction, where communities with the highest poverty rates live.

Over a year and seven months, Convoca has uncovered many relevant breakthroughs, including patterns of corruption and secrecy, while networking with journalists from Latin America and the world. The series of reports with the BRIO platform revealed the cost overruns of highways and public works in Latin American countries in the hands of Brazilian companies, financed by the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES). This investigation would become known as the most notorious corruption scandal in the region, ‘Lava Jato’. This investigation won the 2016 Journalistic Excellence Award granted by the Inter American Press Association (IAPA). On a global scale, we dove into 11-and-a-half-million of the ‘Panama Papers’ with more than a hundred media organizations led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which revealed the world of tax havens where companies and individuals hide their fortunes.

Our work on extractive industries, ‘Excesses Unpunished’, won the most important data journalism award in the world in 2016, the Data Journalism Award, and is a finalist of the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Award, which recognizes the best journalism in Latin America. We invite you to be the voice of this effort to keep publishing new reports that allow citizens to make better decisions about their future, while compelling powerful interests to come clean about their activities and live up to their promises. So join ConBoca: ("The Power of Citizens Call"), our first fundraising campaign with our readers. We believe that journalism is a public service.

Our work

If you agree with the essence of Convoca and want to be part of this campaign, join us as an Ambassador in your country, city or region.

Social Media Ambassador

Help us get more people to join the campaign with the hashtag #ConBoca100Mil and reach our goal together. A social media ambassador shares the content of the campaign and ensures that each day ten people receive the benefits of Convoca investigations by following our Facebook and Twitter accounts where the investigations and citizens’ apps are published.

Public Figure Ambassador

If you are a public figure of the arts, culture, sports, or academic world, and you are interested in generating a citizen’s movement that has access to quality information, we invite you to be the image of this campaign and also invite your followers to join this initiative.

Ambassador of Truth

This campaign will advance in social networks and on the streets. So you can also be an 'Ambassador of Truth' in your city to show the benefits of promoting investigative journalism by organizing an activity in a public space, with free advice from Convoca. If you are a journalist, a student, or professor, as well as a social leader, this is your opportunity to defend the truth and bring the message of #ConBoca100mil.

Why be an Ambassador?

Being an ambassador makes you the voice of the campaign to build a movement that values and defends the truth as a citizen’s right. Ambassadors will have priority access to the activities of Escuela Convoca – School of Data and Investigative Journalism, receive a monthly newsletter of our research, the #ABCDatos newsletter, as well as discounts to the books published by Convoca. Also, they can participate in the quarterly meeting which plan future activities of our global community.

You choose how to join to the ("The Power of Citizens Call") #ConBoca100mil

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